Essence of the Trolls

When I was a child I believed I derived from the trolls as my parents told me so. Later on that was regarded as a phantasy. But nowadays I am not completely sure anymore.

When the trolls came to me, they didn´t just show themselves visually. As my pen touched the paper, they started communicating in words as well. We seemed to have a bond, long lost.

It is an ongoing process for me to maintain this communication and I try to give them a voice in my new project “Essence of the Trolls” which is to become a book. There is already a short bilingual (Swe/Eng) version in the Webshop

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Born in purity
embracing the beauty
Here to teach selflove
There is no shame
only love and pride
See the perfection
in everything and everyone
it shows your own reflection
Be kind in words and action
and make the world
a pleasant place


Born in peace
Showing us the power
of tranquility and balance
What is in the center
will show on the outside
Be like the calm sea
and the waves will shape
and make any rock smooth


To feel safe
you need to trust
In order to trust
you must have faith
We are all born pure and innocent
In the open eyes of this child
you may see your own soul
Open up
Have faith
And return to the safe harbor
of pure innocence


Like a sprouting seed
Like a new dawn
Like the wind is free
Like the sea is deep
To live is to dare
To love is to share
Live and love in every moment


So easy to be lead astray
believing the illusions
This child is here
to show us the way back
To find the true nature
in everything
Truth can never hurt
if told by everyone
Let go of desillusions
go back to the core
You will see
It will let you free


The child of Mother Earth
Here to show us the connection
between us
and the Eternal Mother
Listen with your feet
Sense Her with your heart
She carries you, safely
Hold Her
She offers you abundance
Thank Her, lovingly
The Earth child is here to reconnect to Her
We are all children
from the same Mother 

Nihm and Nooh

They came together
Yet apart
Sharing the same ground
Each on their own path
Touching each other
every once in a while
Still caring for one another
Separation is an illusion
They stay together
Yet in their own space


Born curious
Energetically discovering the world
There is no way
no given form

©Shaeen Svanede