Norse Gods and Goddesses

Do the old Gods exist?
And if so, is there a way of communicating with them?
Could there be some truth in the sagas of the World Tree?
What if old myths from all around the world are actually maps of the Universe? What if everything is always present both within and without?
Yes, what if…

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Odin and the Runes

A price has to be paid to gain wisdom 
Close your eyes and you will see
There is always a prize for Thee


She stood at the abyss
Then she arose


The woman, the goddess
the preserver of youth
will bestow upon you this present

that ages and ages
will never make you old
you will always stay adolescent


The fighters wisdom is to know
when to fight and when to let go
Victory is sometimes given
to the one who has not striven

Odin and the Ravens

I let my mind astray
to fly far far away
but bring it back to me
when I call for it

I leave to the oblivion
what I no longer want
but let me always remember
what there is to value

Odins Names

The one who has many names has many features

Odin and the Vegvisir

I lost myself on a wild ocean
But the waves carried me back


Let the winds carry you
through thick and through thin
Let the seed that was sown
start to sprout

For the storm that ravages
the youngest of trees
makes any stem
irrepressibly strong

©Shaeen Svanede