Welcome to my Gallery!

I am an artist from Sweden
I create pictures, poetry and music
This page will introduce you to my world of trolls and norse mythology among other things

All pieces of art are for sale in different shapes and forms and can be sent worldwide, check the following link;

You can read more about the art on each link below

The Trolls

When I was a child I believed I derived from the trolls as my parents told me so. Later on that was regarded as a fairy tale. But nowadays I am not completely sure anymore…

Norse mythology

Do the old Gods exist?
Could there be some truth in the sagas of the World Tree?
What if old myths from all around the world are actually maps of the Universe? What if everything is always present both within and without?
Yes, what if…

The Fylgjas

In many old religions we talk about the power animals that are walking by our side throughout life. They are here to help and support us. In the norse mythology we call them the fylgjas…

The Subconscious

Art is always a reflection of something even if that something is nothing in particular. What comes out through the pencil doesn´t necessarily come through the conscious mind at all. The result is in the eye of the beholder…

©Shaeen Svanede